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1 January
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I research and write articles for national newspapers and a huge range of women’s magazines, such as Closer, Cosmopolitan and Grazia.
I also work in TV with the producers of popular programmes and documentaries. I'm looking for people who want to feature in these articles or on television by sharing their story.

If this appeals to you, and you feel you have an interesting story to tell, I would highlight the following points:
* You are under no obligation to accept any proposal we put to you.
* We will only publish your story if we have your written permission that you are happy with the terms, and only after you have personally approved the finished article.
* We will arrange a fee – usually several hundred pounds but some times more – payable to you for giving an interview or photo-shoot.

Most people have a story to tell but don't even realise it! The following type of stories are particularly attractive to our markets:

Romance: Did you meet your partner in strange circumstances? Did you meet after a long absence? Is your partner a lot older or younger than you?

Betrayal: Has your partner betrayed you? Perhaps with a close friend? Did you plot to catch him out? Have you sought revenge from a love-rat?

Health: Have you or a family member suffered from an unusual illness or condition? Have you given birth despite the odds against you?

Weight: Have you been anorexic/bulimic? Are you overweight? Have you shed pounds? Has your eating disorder led you to find love?

Holidays: Have you had a holiday romance? Did it lead to marriage? Have you had a holiday disaster?

Weddings: Have you had an unusual wedding? Did you marry against the odds?

Crazy world: Of course, your story could be just simply strange! Maybe a pet that saved your life, or a strange fetish or fascination.